-45 1x95
Power cables with aluminium conductor, flame-retardant, with XLPE and with PVC compound outer sheath and with low smoke and gas emission
For the cable of this mark correspond the foreign-made analogues:
()-LS (RU) ()-LS (RU)
Technical cable requirements correspond to IEC 60840
Cables are used for laying:
in premises, tunnels, ducts, mines, dry soil and outdoor under shelter
in bunches
at sites, where low smoke and gas emission are required (NPP, subway, large industrial facilities, high-rise buildings, etc.)
It is possible to manufacture cables with an integrated fiber-optic module.
Order entry example:
-45 1x95/95 () 31.3-00214534-060:2011
In conjunction with the DTS system, the integrated fiber-optic module can act as a distributed cable line temperature sensor. To learn more.
It is possible to manufacture cable with sealed conductor.
Order entry example:
-45 1x95/95 () 31.3-00214534-060:2011
Fire safety code in accordance with 4809:2007: 132121000
Products of this mark meet the requirements:
single wire cable flame retardance
bunched cable flame retardance category B
toxicity class Tk2 of the combustion products of nonmetallic elements (toxicity index from 40 up to 120 g/m3)
class 1 on smoke-forming ability by smouldering of non-metallic elements (coefficient of smoke formation from 50 to 500 m2/kg)
class 2 on smoke-forming ability by combustion (minimum luminous flux more than 60 %)
corrosive class 1 of combustion products of non-metallic elements (the number of halogen hydrides less than 150 mg/g, pH less than 4.3, specific conductivity more than 10 S/mm)